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‘Alcatraz’ Shooting ‘Bullitt’ Car-Chase Homage

Show seizes on San Francisco setting

Fox's "Alcatraz" is seizing on its San Francisco setting by reproducing the classic car-chase scene from "Bullitt."

The series, in which a group of investigators track down former "Alcatraz" prisoners who somehow re-emerge in the present day, finds star Sarah Jones — in Steve McQueen-style turtleneck — chasing a suspect through the same hilly streets McQueen muscled down 44 years ago. Yes, 44 years ago. The Mustang is a little bigger this time, and a stuntwoman, Shauna Duggins, does the actual driving.

(Photo, above, from KTVU)

Producer Jack Bender told San Francisco station KTVU that he had hoped to film more of the show's first season in San Francisco, but had to settle for the pilot and the car chase because of budgetary concerns. The car chase will air in the show's finale, KTVU said.

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"If I had my way, we would have been shooting more of the episodes, or pieces of the episodes, in San Francisco," Bender told the station. "We decided to give that up this year. But hopefully if there's a future of the show we will be back to San Francisco to shoot scenes with our characters in the city. Because this is obviously one of the more visual cities in America."