Watch Alec Baldwin as a Merciless Game Master in Sci-Fi Movie ‘Andron’ (Exclusive Video)

Futuristic indie thriller also stars Danny Glover

As seen in the exclusive clip above, Alec Baldwin has found himself in the year 2154, playing the master manipulator of a mysterious claustrophobic maze.

A group of young adults awakens in the darkness of a meandering labyrinth called Andron. They have no idea how they got there to begin with, and soon find themselves deciphering codes in order to beat the tests put before them in the bizarre, scary environment.

In order to survive they must stick together as the outside world watches and wagers on their fate.

Directed by Francesco Cinquemani, “Andron” also features Danny Glover and Michelle Ryan (“Covert Affairs”), and opens in select theaters on June 3 — the same day it becomes available on VOD.