Alec Baldwin Defends Martin Bashir Over MSNBC Resignation, Slams Network

“Bashir created great television,” the actor said

Alec Baldwin came to the defense of fellow former MSNBC host Martin Bashir on Twitter late Wednesday and had some harsh words for his former network.

“I wish @MartinBashir the best of luck,” Baldwin wrote. “Some of these cable venues really are Off-Off Television.”

“And their need for a reliable, even forced, homogeneity is more apparent than ever.”

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Baldwin, whose own MSNBC show “Up Late” was canceled two weeks ago after the actor was caught on camera using a gay slur, said Bashir’s career shouldn’t have been ruined by one transgression.

“Broadcasters on certain networks are called upon to offer analysis of events and public policy, day in, day out, often with tremendous aggression and scalding language,” Baldwin wrote.

“If, over the course of hundreds of hours on air, they commit a foul… then it’s like high-sticking in hockey or a late hit in the NFL. Throw a flag. But to end someone’s job?”

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The actor clarified his sentiment Thursday morning, tweeting: “You can disapprove of Bashir’s single remark and still acknowledge his talent.”

Bashir resigned from the network Wednesday following flap over graphic comments he made on air criticizing former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.