Alec Baldwin on Paparazzi Fight: NYC’s ‘Stop-and-Frisk Is Working’

MSNBC newest host tells David Letterman that the same photographer sat on his neighbor’s baby

Alec Baldwin believes that New York City’s Stop-and-Frisk law works — as long as he is the one dishing it out, and the person on the receiving end is paparazzi.

During Tuesday’s “Late Show,” David Letterman showed a photo of the actor’s most recent physical public encounter with a photographer who he says chased his wife into a store just after she gave birth. Baldwin grabbed and pushed the guy onto the hood of a car outside a coffee shop.

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Baldwin said the very same photographer had previously staked out his house, backed up, tripped and fell on a neighbor’s baby in a stroller, literally sitting on the young child.

“We had had it with this guy,” Baldwin said. “So I stopped and I frisked him.”

Watch the clip: