Alex Jones Demands Megyn Kelly Interview Be Canceled: She ‘Lied to Me’ (Video)

Jones called for cancellation after excerpt showed him call 9/11 attacks an inside job and appear to question Sandy Hook shootings

Last Updated: June 12, 2017 @ 6:06 PM

Alex Jones is calling for the airing of his interview with Megyn Kelly to be cancelled, saying on his show “Info Wars” that he has been misrepresented. The interview is set to air Sunday, June 18, on NBC’s “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly,” and has spurred a flurry of backlash online after a preview for the interview aired Sunday night.

In the 97-second preview, Jones calls the 9/11 attacks an “inside job” and questions the legitimacy of the Sandy Hook shootings. “30 years ago, they began creating animal-human hybrids. Isn’t that the big story Megyn Kelly should be doing?” he says in the teaser.

In a live stream on Monday afternoon, Jones said that Kelly lied to him, and promised that the interview would not be about Sandy Hook or other conspiracies. “Megyn Kelly lied to me several weeks before she came here,” he said. “She said that the interview was not going to be about Sandy Hook and the mass shooting there, and it was not going to be about Pizzagate and these other issues that the media always obsesses on and misrepresents what I’ve said and what I’ve done.”

Jones said that he is often misrepresented, and knew that the interview wouldn’t end up being a simple profile on him as Kelly initially told him. He said he recently turned down other TV appearances like “The View.”

“It’s boring, a bunch of zombies watch it,” he said. “I don’t need MSN. I don’t need their quote ‘validation.’ They have zombies watching, so it would be like giving a speech to a graveyard. It would have no effect.”

He called his interview experience with Kelly “cross-examination,” and said the interview lasted from 9:30 a.m. until 11 p.m.

Of the promo for the interview that has caused such a firestorm, he said that they did not include him saying he believed children died at Sandy Hook. “They had it edited where it sounded like I said nobody [died]… and that’s why I’m calling for the piece not to air next Sunday on Father’s Day.” Jones goes on to say that he feels Kelly and MSNBC are using him to wage an attack on fathers.

“I realized something was weird, how she was tying fatherhood and being a father and my children and then kept bringing up Sandy Hook and it all clicked today.”

You can watch the full “Info Wars” stream above.


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