Watch Alex Pettyfer Panic When Confronted by Actual Tough Guys on Venice Beach (Video)

Before running his mouth, the “Magic Mike” star should probably hit the gym — just not the one at Muscle Beach

Last Updated: July 19, 2014 @ 11:35 AM

“Magic Mike” star Alex Pettyfer might want to pump some heavier iron before he shows his now heavily bearded face at Venice’s Muscle Beach again.

The actor found himself in a bit of a hostile exchange with a few resident muscle heads — people you probably rather not have hostile exchanges with.

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TMZ posted a video Saturday of the “Lee Daniels‘ The Butler” star engaging in an argument with a few bodybuilders by the boardwalk. Apparently, the whole thing began when passerby Pettyfer asked “How much you lift?” in a way that sounded mocking to the weightlifters. One shot back, “How much you make?”

Cue accusations of “talking shit” and a bit of backpedaling on the part of Pettyfer. To be fair, the beef was squashed and it was all described as a misunderstanding following the incident.

Watch the video:

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And here’s the apparent explanation: