MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Has a ‘Sinking Feeling’ the Worst Is Yet to Come With Trump in 2024 | Video

“It’s hard to even remember everything that we’ve lived through this year,” she says. “And yet …”

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner rehashed Donald Trump’s tumultuous year on Tuesday, predicting that the worst is yet to come as 2024 approaches. 

“It’s hard to even remember everything that we’ve lived through this year,” the “Alex Wagner Tonight” host said in conversation with former Sen. Claire McCaskill. “And yet I have a sinking feeling that it pales in comparison to what is ahead of us.”

The segment began with Wagner recounting the first weeks after the Jan. 6 insurrection three years ago where “Trump was an outcast” and “a political comeback seemed far-fetched, almost impossible to imagine.”

However, “Thanks to his allies in Congress and the MAGA movement as a whole, Donald Trump has emerged here at the end of 2023, not merely a rehabilitated politician, but as the undisputed leader of his party,” the MSNBC anchor assessed. 

Wagner then outlined Trump’s comeback, specifically referencing his continued lead in polling of the rest of the Republican primary field ahead of the presidential election against incumbent President Joe Biden.

“At this point, a rematch against Joe Biden appears almost inevitable,” Wagner noted. 

She then delved into Trump’s legal challenges, saying that the indictment of the former president was once “definitely not a sure thing,” but then “as spring turned to summer, it rained indictments.”

As the year comes to a close, Trump has been charged with 91 felony counts for criminal indictments. According to Wagner, however, “with each new indictment, Trump has actually increased his support.”

“Even with 2016 in the rearview mirror, there hasn’t really been any concerted effort to coalesce around a Trump alternative,” Wagner continued. “And so in purely political terms, Donald Trump is back within a coin flip of the presidency.”

Wagner predicts even greater challenges in 2024, saying that in 2023, “the rule of law has been tested in ways unseen in American history.”

Watch the full “Alex Wagner Tonight” segment and interview with McCaskill in the video above.


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