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Alexandra Daddario Joined ‘Baywatch’ for the Penis-Stuck-in-a-Chair Scene (Exclusive Video)

Plus, the actress says people should see ”Baywatch“ for ”the titties, obviously,“ and for ”Zac Efron’s abs“

Alexandra Daddario wanted to star in the “Baywatch” movie after reading one scene in the script — and it involved Jon Bass’ penis and a chair.

“The moment I read this scene in the script I was like, ‘I want to fight to be in this movie,'” Daddario told Beatrice Verhoeven in an interview at TheWrap Studios. “It’s early on in the script, it’s the scene where Ronnie — Jon Bass — gets his dick stuck in an object, and the way I pictured that scene in my mind, it’s even better on screen … He gets his dick stuck in a chair and he can’t get it down so he can get it out and you have Kelly’s [Rohrbach] boobs in his face and they are the most beautiful boobs ever so that’s obviously not going to work and it just goes on and on and it’s just so funny. It was even better on screen that I had pictured it and that scene epitomizes what that movie is.”

Daddario stars alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Zac Efron, Ilfenesh Hadera, Bass and Rohrbach in the movie based on the hit TV series that ran from 1989 to 2001 and starred David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson.

“It’s cool to be part of something everyone knows … and it’s really cool to be a Baywatch babe — it’s a really iconic role to play. It’s like being a superhero in a weird way,” she added. “I think it was important to bring in elements from the original series and sort of playfully poke fun at them and sort of what ‘Baywatch’ was. Because it was this incredible phenomenon that took itself really really seriously but there’s so much  humor in that and it was just one of those shows that did that perfectly and I think this movie plays it up and then adds raunchiness and elevates the world that ‘Baywatch’ was.”

Daddario plays Summer, a girl who gets accepted into the lifeguard training program, led by Mitch Buchannon (Johnson). The team must uncover a local criminal plot that threatens the Bay. But if there would be another remake of the original series, Daddario would have her eyes set on a bigger (literally, in every sense of the word) character.

“It would be Mitch!” she said, laughing. “He’s the ultimate bad a–, takes his job the most serious of everyone and he almost has supernatural powers as a lifeguard — he’s the ultimate lifeguard. But no one can play Mitch except for David Hasselhoff and Dwayne.”

“Baywatch,” directed by Seth Gordon, hits theaters on Thursday, just in time for the start of summer.

“You should go see ‘Baywatch’ for a variety of reasons — for the titties, obviously, but also for The Rock, Zac Efron’s abs, The Rock’s abs, and it’s just a really fun, hilarious action-packed movie. It’s exactly what I think we need right now.”

Watch the video above.