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Alfre Woodard Gets Seduced by Blair Underwood in Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Juanita’ (Video)

Film directed by Clark Johnson launches on March 8

Alfre Woodard needs some love. The veteran, Oscar-nominated actress hasn’t always gotten the respect she deserves, and in her new film “Juanita,” she’s off to find some much-needed me time and maybe do a little fantasizing about Blair Underwood in the process.

In the first trailer dropped Monday by Netflix, we see Woodard lounging luxuriously on a red couch as a shirtless Underwood, who she refers to by his full name, starts to caress her body. Alas, it’s just a dream, interrupted by her daughter and baby granddaughter.

In “Juanita,” Woodard plays a woman fed up with her life who leaves her grown kids behind and hits the road in search of a fresh start. And she’s willing to go literally anywhere.

“I’d like a ticket to Butt,” she says to a clerk at a bus station. “I believe it’s pronounced Butte.”

Once in Montana, she comes across a diner run by Native Americans and helps to cook and boost business as she finds herself within this new community. Oh, and Blair Underwood is still along for the ride.

“Very sexy mama-cita,” Underwood says in her fantasy. “Don’t call me mama, Blair Underwood. I’m not your mama. What’s wrong with you?”

Clark Johnson directs the film with a script written by Roderick M. Spencer. “Juanita” is produced by Stephanie Allain Bray, Mel Jones, and Jason Berman. Woodard co-stars with Adam Beach, Gil Birmingham, Ashlie Atkinson and Underwood.

“Juanita” launches on Netflix on March 8. Watch the first trailer above.