Olympics Inspired Alicia Vikander to Try Curling, But She Sucked: ‘I Was Like a Bambi on Ice’

“I always ended up smashing the curling rock against the wall,” the “Tomb Raider” action star says

Last Updated: February 26, 2018 @ 9:09 PM

Alicia Vikander is certifiably kick-ass in her new role as Lara Croft, but the “Tomb Raider” star admits there are some things she can’t do — such as curling.

The Swedish actress was inspired to try her hand at the stone-sliding sport after watching the success of Sweden’s teams over the years.

“When we were doing well, I was like, I need to learn about curling. I didn’t know anything about it. And then I was totally watching the finals. One year I had to set my alarm to watch the finals at 2 a.m,” Vikander told USAToday.com.

While the Swedish men’s team took home silver medals from PyeongChang this week after their road to gold was blocked by the U.S. and the Miracurl on Ice, Vikander didn’t fare so well.

“I was like Bambi on the ice, I fell over a lot,” she said. “And I always ended up smashing [the curling rock] against the wall. It’s so delicate, the amount of force required.”

Vikander has long been a fan of Swedish curling teams, and for good reason. The men took the bronze medal in 2014 at Sochi, while the women won gold in 2006 and 2010, plus silver in 2014.

“It’s very addictive to watch,” the Oscar winner said.

There is one pretty good consolation: Vikander mastered martial arts and gained 12 pounds of muscle to play Croft in the latest “Tomb Raider,” having taken over the role from Angelina Jolie.

The reboot hits theaters Friday, March 16.