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Does ‘Alien: Covenant’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

For those wondering if you’ll need to stay in your seat after being on the edge of it for two hours watching ”Alien: Covenant“

There are at least one more film in the works to follow “Alien: Covenant” before it links back up with “Alien.” How the stories will actually connect isn’t quite clear yet, even though “Alien: Covenant” ends on a cliffhanger.

If this was the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the next movie in the series — “Alien: Awakening” — might be teased with a post-credits scene that gives a hint of where Scott and the “Alien” franchise are headed.

Luckily, you won’t need to stay in your seat through the credits of “Alien: Covenant,” as the movie has no post-credits scene. Feel free to head to the bathroom as soon as the names start to roll.

“Alien: Covenant” might not have a post-credits scene, but it does have two prologue scenes that expand on the story that you can view on YouTube. The first is called “Last Supper,” and it shows the crew of the Covenant, the spaceship after which the movie is named, in their last meal before committing to the frozen darkness of hypersleep, the cryogenic freeze in the “Alien” franchise that lets humans travel in space for years at a time.

The scene introduces characters like Daniels (Katherine Waterston), Tennessee (Danny McBride), and Oram (Billy Crudup), and shows a bit about their relationships and conflicts.

The second prologue scene is a direct link to “Prometheus,” the movie that more or less rebooted the “Alien” franchise, which didn’t have a post-credits scene either. The prologue give fans a little bit of information of what happened to Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and David (Michael Fassbender) once they left the alien planet where the last movie was set.

While we’re not sure what exactly the next “Alien” movie will be about, the ending of “Alien: Covenant” gives some pretty big hints. We can also try to guess about the timeline Scott is building with these movies. “Prometheus” takes place in 2093, and “Alien: Covenant” kicks off a decade later, in 2104. The 1979 “Alien,” for the record, is set in 2122.