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Hollywood Reacts to Alton Sterling Police Shooting: ‘Don’t Rationalize Murder’

Olivia Wilde, Zendaya, Nick Cannon and Amy Schumer are among those speaking out after police kill unarmed black man

A number of stars from television, movies, music and media are expressing dismay over the death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after graphic video of the confrontation with police began circulating online Tuesday.

Sterling, 37, was shot outside a convenience store when two police officers responded to an anonymous complaint that a black male selling CDs threatened another man with a gun. Sterling, who was unarmed, died from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and back, East Baton Rouge Parish coroner Dr. William Clark said.

“He had a right to sell CDs, and a right to due process, but he was shot for being a black man,” actress Olivia Wilde (“Vinyl”) wrote on Twitter. “Don’t rationalize murder.”

According to The Washington Post, there have been 505 people killed by police in 2016. Sterling’s death is the most recent.

“How many more times must this happen for us to matter?” actress Zendaya tweeted. “How many more must we lose?”

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Executed this man about selling bootleg DVDs! Smh it’s only gone get worst! They don’t care about us!

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