Former Trump Staffer Alyssa Farah Says She Led Cassidy Hutchinson to Liz Cheney: ‘That’s How This Shocking Testimony Came About’ (Video)

“She shared with me ‘There is more I want to share that was not asked in those settings. How do we do this?'” Farah revealed

Former Trump staffer Alyssa Farah revealed Thursday that she was instrumental in this week’s January 6 committee hearing, claiming she directed Cassidy Hutchinson to Liz Cheney for her explosive testimony earlier this week.

During Thursday’s episode of “New Day,” Farah – who resigned from the Trump administration in December and has been vocal about her distaste since – told her CNN co-hosts that Hutchinson came to her directly, saying that there was more information she wanted to give the committee after her initial testimony.

“She did her interview, she complied with the committee, but she shared with me ‘There is more I want to share that was not asked in those settings. How do we do this?’” Farah revealed. “In that process, she got a new attorney of her own. Congresswoman Cheney had a sense of what questions needed to be asked that weren’t previously. So that’s how this shocking testimony that people didn’t realize before kind of came about, and it didn’t come up in her earlier interview, some of those facts.”

Farah noted that Hutchinson’s original lawyer was originally someone from “Trump World,” and still had close ties to the administration. But now, after Hutchinson’s testimony, Farah guessed that there might be more unexpected witnesses that start speaking up.

“I wouldn’t be shocked if more witnesses end up coming forward after their testimony because they realize they can fill in more gaps,” she said. You can watch part of Farah’s thoughts in the video above.

Among the many revelations that came out during Hutchinson’s testimony was the reveal that, on January 6, Trump knew that his supporters were armed, and demanded that they be allowed into the Capitol anyway.

According to Hutchinson’s recounts, Trump himself also made significant efforts to get himself to the Capitol, even going so far as to lunge for the wheel of the car when his Secret Service agents began taking him back to the West Wing, rather than the attack.

You can relive Hutchinson’s fully testimony here.