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Amateur Filmmakers Turn 2016 Into a Horror Movie and It’s Pretty Scary (Video)

There’s no escaping it

This year has been brutal for a lot of people, so much so that a few of the world weary decided to turn it into a horror movie titled “2016” — and it’s actually pretty scary.

A company called Friend Dog Studios first released the trailer-like film Wednesday, and it covers every horrible thing that’s happened in the past year, from Harambe’s downfall to Carrie Fisher’s death.

The video starts off innocently enough with a group of friends turning back the clock to the eve of 2016. As they zealously count down to the New Year, menacing background music warns that there’s something ominous brewing in the air.

“New Year, new house, new us!” the happy couple in the video say. Little do they know, things are about to take an ugly turn real soon.

Shortly after, we see images of Gene Wilder, Prince, David Bowie and Muhammad Ali all on newspaper cutouts hung on the wall with red markings through them, like something a psychopathic serial killer would do in a horror film.

When the characters realize that there’s no escaping this “thing,” they panic… but can’t even call for help because their phones, you guessed it, are Samsung.

“I tried to call for help but my phone exploded,” says one of the girls in the film, as she tends to her bloody hand.

The only thing left to do is take up arms against 2016.

Watch the trailer here.