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‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Opening Box Office: How it Compares to Other Reboots

Marc Webb's Spider-Man overhaul looks pretty good when compared to the opening weekends of "X-Men: First Class" and "Batman Begins"

Though Sony's "The Amazing Spider-Man" reboot of the web-slinger franchise fell just short of the original films' early numbers, it did top such recent reboots as as "X-Men: First Class" and the James Bond film "Casino Royale."

Facing skyrocketing costs on a proposed "Spider-Man 4," Sony made the difficult decision in 2010 to overhaul its wall-crawler films with an entirely new cast and director. 

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So how did the studio's $230 million bet on a new Spidey pay off? Let's say this: There's a reason Sony is pushing forward with a planned trilogy. 

The new film, directed by Marc Webb, had a six-day haul of $140 million. As BoxOfficeMojo.com points out, that's just short of the $144.2 million six-day total for the first "Spider-Man" and the openings racked up by "Spider-Man 2" ($180.1 million) and "Spider-Man 3" ($176.2 million). 

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For the purpose of comparison, however, let's stick with the opening weekend for "The Amazing Spider-Man" stateside. After all, many franchise re-launches did not open mid-week as the latest Spider-Man film did. 

The well-reviewed look at Peter Parker's transformation into a human arachnid was similar to Raimi's first film, but audiences didn't seem to mind.

Here's a look at the opening weekends of recent reboots and how "The Amazing Spider-Man" stacks up to the competition. 


Film                                                                    Box Office

1.) "The Amazing Spider-Man"                          $62 Million

2.)"Rise of the Planet of the Apes"                     $54.8 Million

3.) "The Incredible Hulk"                                     $55.4 Million

4.) "X-Men: First Class"                                       $55.1 Million

5.) "Batman Begins"                                            $48.7 Million

6.) "Casino Royale"                                             $40.8 Million