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Amber Ruffin Agrees Nobody Has Done More for Black Americans Than Trump (Video)

”He didn’t say he’s done GOOD things for Black people. He just said no one has done MORE,“ Ruffin joked on ”Late Night With Seth Meyers“

The news may have broken this week that Amber Ruffin is getting her own weekly late night show on NBC’s streaming service Peacock, but she’s still killing it at her current job as a writer on “Late Night With Seth Meyers.” And on Wendesday’s episode, Ruffin said something that was definitely very funny: that she agrees with Donald Trump that nobody has done more for Black people in America than he has.

“Amber, what did you think when you heard Donald Trump say, ‘Nobody’s done more for Black Americans than I have’?” host Seth Meyers asked to kick off the latest edition of Ruffin’s semi-regular segment on “Late Night.” Meyers referred specifically to Trump’s disaster of an interview with Axios, but he’s echoed that sentiment a few times.

“I think he’s correct,” Ruffin replied in her standard faux-bubbly tone that she adopts for these segments.

“You don’t disagree with that statement?” Meyers asked. To which Ruffin replied, simply: “Why should I? It’s true!”

So Meyers requested some examples of things Trump has done for Black people, and Ruffin was happy to oblige. As some easy listening music started to play, Ruffin danced a little and pointed at bullet points that scrolled up the screen.

Some examples of given of things Trump has done for Black people: “Called kneeling NFL players ‘sons of bitches'”; “Demanded to see Obama’s birth certificate”; “Refused to rent to Black tenants”; “Called Maxine Waters a ‘low IQ person'”; and “Enacted racist policies.”

“But those are all bad things,” Meyers said once “Late Night” cut back to him.

“”He didn’t say he’s done good things for Black people,” Ruffin stressed. “He just said no one has done more. He’s right. No one has done more for Black Americans. To make our lives worse!”

After a few more lists of bad things Trump had done for Black Americans, Ruffin’s commentary reached its peak with one extra-long item that took a while to scroll all the way through. That last item read:

“Caused me stress I wasn’t sure a person could feel. I mean, it’s like every day I wake up to a president who not only doesn’t care about his country, but doesn’t think I am even a part of it. I can take not being cared about but I’m starting to think he not only doesn’t want the best for Black people but wants us to suffer. Man, it’s too much. But at least I have this job as a release. I cannot imagine how normal people are doing it day to day carrying all this heavy s—. Anyhoo, this has gotten away from me. All I mean to say is, ‘THIS MAN IS A TOTAL RACIST.'”

You can watch the entire bit in the video embedded here in this article, or on YouTube right here.

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