Amber Tamblyn to Rose McGowan: It’s ‘Beneath’ You to Shame Women Who Try to ‘Create Change’

McGowan criticized Meryl Streep and other actresses who worked on Harvey Weinstein films that planned to wear black dresses at the Golden Globes as an act of protest

Amber Tamblyn
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Amber Tamblyn called out Rose McGowan about coming down hard on Meryl Streep and other women who plan to wear black dresses at the Golden Globes as an act of silent protest against sexual harassment.

“Rose McGowan is a friend and while I support her kind of movement, I do not support any woman (or man) shaming or taunting the movements of other women who are trying to create change,” Tamblyn tweeted Sunday.

McGowan criticized the act as an empty gesture, accusing them on Saturday of remaining silent while they “happily worked” for disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein, whom she referred to as the “Pig Monster.”

“You’ll accept a fake award breathlessly & affect no real change,” she tweeted. “I despise your hypocrisy. Maybe you should all wear Marchesa.”

Tamblyn said that while she supports McGowan and her cause, she thought it was “beneath” her to attack Streep and said that these actresses should be considered allies in the fight against harassment.

Asia Argento, who compiled a list of 82 women who said they were sexually assaulted, raped or molested by Weinstein, responded to Tamblyn: