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AMC Theaters Threatens Repercussions Over Premium VOD

Theater chain gives few specifics but says it wants new economic terms

AMC issued a thinly veiled threat to studios contemplating shrinking release windows by offering movies on demand sixty days after their release.

Though AMC gave few specifics about what its response would be, in a statement released Friday, the theater chain said it notified studios that it expected new "economic arrangements" for premium VOD titles.

"The p-VoD world as currently defined threatens that health," AMC said in a statement. "It is not wise to discuss details in the press, and company policy precludes it, but as these windows shrink and threaten our industry's future, it is only logical to expect AMC to adapt its economic model."

The news followed a leaked report that said that Warner Brothers, Fox, Sony and Universal would launch a new VOD window in May.

As TheWrap previously reported exhibitors are contemplating pulling trailers and demanding different box office splits for movies with shorter theatrical releases.