‘American Horror Story Coven’: When Witches Don’t Fight, They Burn (Video)

Jessica Lange is training the next generation of black magic women

The new promo for “American Horror Story Coven” follows the transformation teen who learns she is different from her peers. She’s a witch — but you probably knew that already.

So it’s off to special witch boarding school, where she will be placed under the tutelage  — and spell — of Jessica Lange.

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“You girls need to learn to fight,” Lange warns her young students. “When witches don’t fight, we burn.”

The 31-second clip full of quick cuts and dark magic promises an action-packed cauldron of a third season. The show also stars Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett.

“Coven” premieres Oct. 9 on FX.

Watch the promo: