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‘American Horror Story': Fans Rejoice Over Evan Peters’ Return

Social media goes bonkers over his craziest ”AHS“ performance yet

(Spoiler alert: Please do not read if you have not seen Wednesday’s episode of “American Horror Story”)

For the past month, “American Horror Story” fans have had many questions: what is the big twist in store for this season? What’s with the mockumentary format? What happened to the opening credits sequence? But most of all, the question that was on every fan’s mind was … when are we going to see Evan Peters?

This week, “AHS” finally gave Peters’ fans what they’ve been waiting for, and the star delivered a memorable performance in a role which was completely unlike any he’s done before.

This year, Peters is playing Dandy Mott’s 18th century ancestor, Edward Mott. He’s the man who built the house Matt and Shelby bought, and as we learn, it was originally made as a refuge for Mott to indulge in his obsession with art. Also, he’s gay, so he gets to make out in the bathtub with his black manservant, too.

Needless to say, his latest role had a big impact on the Twitterverse. See some of the most vocal reactions below.

Unfortunately, the fans’ delight turned to heartbreak, as Mott became the first victim of the Butcher’s twisted sacrificial rituals. A massive spit was speared through Mott’s chest, and he was roasted to death over a raging fire.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the last we saw of Mott. Fast forward to the present, where we see Matt, Shelby and Flora being terrorized by the Roanoke colonists and the spirits of their previous victims. Edward Mott appeared as one of those spirits, but unlike the others, he was there to help our poor couple out.

He helped them escape the Butcher’s clutches through an underground passage he built to stowaway his art in case thieves came to steal it. Later, when the Butcher caught Matt and Shelby again with the help of the resident hillbillies, Mott came to the rescue again by cutting through the ropes binding their hands. “Go on!” he quipped. “Make your grand escape!”

Unless the big twist in next week’s episode gives the cast a new set of roles, this may be the only “AHS” episode we see Peters in this year. Still, it was as excellent as every other performance he’s given in this series, bringing campy fun and levity to an episode filled with terror.

Check out our interview with Evan Peters about this season of “American Horror Story” here, and be sure to watch next week’s game-changing episode Wednesday at 10 on FX.