‘AHS’ Star Finn Wittrock Reveals Emmy Nomination Secret Weapon: ‘I’ll Just Have to Wear Something Awesome’

The actor scored nomination in Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Limited Series Or A Movie category for his role of Dandy Mott

Finn Wittrock, who played psychotic brat Dandy Mott in FX’s “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” received an Emmy Nomination in the category for Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Limited Series Or A Movie. However, as opposed to watching the nominations on Thursday morning, he was making scrambled eggs instead, and had his wife tell him the amazing news.

Wittrock sat down with TheWrap just weeks ago prior to earning his nomination, where he talked about his character and his crazy scenes in the show.

“I was given the gift of a really outside the box character that you really don’t get to do everyday,” Wittrock told TheWrap in an episode of “Drinking With the Stars.” “And the writers took a lot of big risks, like pushing this guy and pushing the envelope of what he could do.”

Wittrock did admit that he had certain difficultues relating to his psychopathic character. “How do I relate to bathing in my mother’s blood?” Wittrock said. “You kind of just find that little demon inside you and let him rip.”

Before he even heard of his nomination, the young actor tried not to let all the talk of Emmy nominations psych him out.  “A lot of this business is trying to cancel out the noise and trying to focus on the real thing,” he said. “So it’s great, like it strokes your ego, but you kind of have to keep coming back to what is real.”

This isn’t the first time Wittrock is nominated for an award. His immensely scary role in the fourth season of the “American Horror Story” anthology got him a “Critics’ Choice Award” nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Movie/Limited Series.

TheWrap talked to Wittrock about his nomination, how he plans to celebrate, and who he believes is his stiffest competition in his category.

TheWrap: What was your immediate reaction and how do you plan to celebrate?
Finn Wittrock: “I was like, ‘no way!’ I don’t know, I think I’ll talk to some press and then I’ll go to dinner with my wife. She told me that I got it — this morning, I was kind of like, ‘I don’t want to know.’ I was making scrambled eggs and there was a long pause, and she sort of screamed, ‘you got it!’ It’s been good morning.”

 finn wittrock

Who is your stiffest competition in your category?
Bill Murray takes the cake in that, and it’s an incredible group of actors. Of course, Denis O’Hare‘s nomination is so well-deserved, he’s one of the best actors alive. I haven’t met Bill Murray yet so I’m excited to do that on the day — he’s a genius. It’s just awesome.

If you win, who do you want to rub the award in the face of?
I read a funny article on ‘Variety,’ titled ’25 Longshots Who Deserve a Nomination,’ and I was like… long shot? Yeah! I don’t know, there’s not really anyone. Everyone is super supporting, even more than necessary, even more than called for. I think I will be astounded if I win, and I’m just really grateful.

finn wittrock

Biggest snubs, for your show or outside of your show?
I guess ‘Bloodline’ didn’t get a nomination, and I thought it did. That was one of my favorite shows this year. I think it’s pretty well done though, and I’m happy for our show in general. I feel like we got a lot of nominations, including the show itself and Ryan [Murphy], so that’s a pretty cool honor in itself, just to be part of a show that’s getting so much publicity.

How do you plan to wow voters between now and September? What’s your secret weapon?
I don’t know, I guess I’ll just have to wear something awesome, or just have my wife wear something awesome. No, I’m just going to show up, play it really safe and then go crazy at the after party. I’m just very honored and humbled to be part of this amazing group, and I’m excited for September.”

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