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‘American Horror Story': First Look at Kathy Bates’ New Role (Video)

A new “AHS” preview shows Bates as the leader of a bloodthirsty colony

After playing a sadistic slave torturer in “Coven,” a bearded lady in “Freak Show,” and the manager of Hotel Cortez in “Hotel,” Kathy Bates is returning for another round on “American Horror Story,” and you can get a sneak peek of her in action in a Season 6 preview that also confirms the title of this season’s theme: “My Roanoke Nightmare.”

At the end of Tuesday’s season premiere, we saw Bates suddenly appear in front of Shelby’s car while she was trying to escape. Though she smashed right into the windshield, she got up from the accident seemingly unharmed and lured Shelby into the forest, where she was surrounded by men with torches.

Now, in the clip above, we get to hear Bates speak in her new role for the first time. “This place is mine,” she says ominously. “I will stop at nothing to hold safe this colony.” That line may be another confirmation that this season will center around the lost Roanoke Island colony that vanished with almost no trace in the late 16th century.

The preview also shows Lee bringing her daughter to Shelby and Matt’s house, only to quickly regret it. It also seems that “AHS” will be committing to the new documentary format it introduced to the surprise of many longtime fans, as Lily Rabe and Andre Holland continue to bring us into the minds of Shelby and Matt as they prepare to defend their new home against Bates and her chop-happy crew. “If it was a fight they wanted,” Rabe says. “It was a fight they were going to get.

“American Horror Story” airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on FX.