‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Promo Scares Up the Creepiest Doll Ever (Video)

Good luck sleeping after seeing this

american horror story season 6 doll promo

There are dolls that wet themselves, and then there are dolls that make you wet yourself. “American Horror Story,” of course, prefers the latter.

Just in case you were heading into the Labor Day weekend a little low on nightmare fuel, Ryan Murphy and company have cooked up a new teaser for the sixth season of the FX anthology series.

“Baby Face,” the latest in a string of promos for the new season features ominous, tinkling piano music, a spooky vocal chorus, and one seriously creepy doll.

Like, the creepiest doll in all of creepy-doll history.

Sleep tight, kiddies…

Whether the latest tease actually has anything to do with the upcoming season, which premieres September 14, is anybody’s guess — FX boss John Landgraf has already stated that a number of promos are deliberate misdirects to keep fans in the dark, as the show is infamously guarded about details. (Just ask series star Evan Peters — but don’t expect an answer.)

“[Murphy and Stephanie Gibbons, FX head of marketing and on-air promotions] went out and made many more trailers than you’ve actually seen for hypothetical seasons of ‘American Horror Story,’ meaning different genres and different places,” Landgraf said at the Television Critics Association press tour this summer. “And one of them is accurate, and the others are just misdirects.”

Wanna get a jump-start on your next case of insomnia? Click on the video below.