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‘American Hustle': Watch Bradley Cooper’s Hilarious Louis C.K. Imitation (Exclusive Video)

Cooper’s character Agent Richie DiMaso humps his boss’ leg in new footage

Bradley Cooper does a devastating impression of Louis C.K. in a new exclusive clip from “American Hustle.”

In fact, the Oscar nominee doesn’t even need a line of dialogue to channel the sad-sack FBI agent played by C.K., as he so seamlessly conveys his hunched posture and constipated facial expressions.

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The scene in question comes as Cooper’s  FBI Agent Richie DiMaso thinks he’s achieved a major breakthrough in his case against a group of corrupt mobsters. He celebrates his success along with the other field agents. Much booze is consumed.

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Their euphoria isn’t shared by C.K.’s station chief who disapproves of DiMaso’s methods. That prompts DiMaso to rub it in by laughing in C.K.’s face, humping him and spanking him. The whole thing just cries out to be made into a GIF.

“American Hustle” earned 10 Academy Award nominations this week including nods for Best Picture, Best Director for David O. Russell and Best Supporting Actor for Bradley Cooper.

Watch the video above.