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Americans Spend More Time Watching Netflix Than Shtupping

Study shows average subscriber spends 90 minutes per day streaming

The average American spends more time watching TV and movies on Netflix than they do eating, reading or having sex, according to a new study.

A study conducted by TDGResearch found that the average Netflix subscriber spends 90 minutes per day streaming videos. Exstreamist compared that number to the amount of time spent on other activities and found that Netflix almost always comes out on top. At least compared to its subscribers, who apparently don’t spend much time on top, underneath or in any other carnal position.

According to the report, Netflix easily trumps reading as Americans’ favorite pastime; the 90 minutes spent streaming nearly doubles the 49 minute spent reading.

Eating comes closer, but at only 70 minutes per day, it still isn’t as important to Americans as binge-watching “Orange Is the New Black.”

Having sex, meanwhile, logged a measly average of two minutes daily.

Exstreamist also found that other activities like “childcare” and “civic or religious activities” can’t touch the streaming giant. All three clock in under half an hour, not even as long as a single episode of “House of Cards.”