‘AGT’: Watch Simon Cowell Prank Sofia Vergara Into Thinking She Shot Him (Video)

“You know I’m Columbian, and you know we take revenge,” Vergara threatened afterwards

Sofia Vergara probably won’t be joining Simon Cowell on stage again any time soon. The actress was traumatizingly duped by her “America’s Got Talent” co-host on Tuesday, made to think that she genuinely shot him with a crossbow.

During the show, “AGT” saw the return of Ryan Stock & Amberlynn, the infamous duo that had their “comedy danger act” go wrong live in Season 11. In a stunt where Amberlynn was meant to hit a target in Stock’s mouth with a flaming arrow, she missed the shot and struck Stock in the throat.

At that point, Vergara was not yet a judge on the show, but noted that she had “heard the stories” about them. When asked by Simon why they had returned to the show, the duo answered that they’d “been working on the crossbow act” to get it right, and added that they’re now “doing scarier things.”

After demonstrating a stunt in which each of them held a balloon in their teeth while the other popped it with an arrow shot from the crossbow — Amberlynn shot the balloon in Stock’s mouth while blindfolded — Stock and Amberlynn requested that Simon and Sofia join them on stage to assist with the next part of the act.

Unbeknownst to Vergara, Cowell had gone backstage during a break and worked out the logistics for his prank. So, when it was time for them to “volunteer,” Vergara was blindfolded while the special effects team put a prosthetic on Cowell to make it look like an arrow had been buried deep in his torso.

Convinced that the duo was helping her aim the shot so that the arrow would pop a balloon held over Cowell’s head, Vergara was absolutely terrified when she pulled the trigger and the entire room burst out in horror. The actress shoved through a few people to get to Simon before he revealed it was all an elaborate joke.

“You know I’m Columbian, and you know we take revenge,” Vergara threatened once they had returned to the judges’ table.

You can watch the full video here and above.


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