Amy Poehler Promises ‘Very Exciting Last Moment’ in ‘Parks and Rec’ Season Finale

Big episode will try to top triplets revelation

Amy Poehler┬ásays next week’s “Parks and Recreation” season finale will have “a very exciting last moment.”

Poehler told reporters Friday that fans should watch the hour-long show to the very end, because something will happen that will make viewers very excited for Season 7.

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Poehler and “Parks” executive producer Mike Schur were determined not to ruin the surprise on Friday’s conference call. But Thursday’s episode set up a huge conclusion for Season 6: Poehler’s Leslie and her husband Ben (Adam Scott) found out that they’re having triplets, even as they try to plan Pawnee’s star-studded Unity Festival.

The couple discover they’ll need much more money than they had expected, and that realization coincides with the possibility of a new job.

“Leslie will make a decision about whether to take this big job that she’s been offered,” Schur said, adding that Ben also faces a decision that “hints at a change in his life, or at least a nominal change.”

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Adding to the couple’s stress: Leslie already has a child.

“She’s always been a working mother since before she was pregnant, because Pawnee is her kid,” Poehler said. “I think she’s always been a pretty maternal and paternal person on the same time on the show. It’ll be interesting to see which baby wins.”

The one-hour season finale airs at Thursday, April 24 at 8 p.m. on NBC.