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Amy Poehler’s ‘Parks & Recreation’ Finale Fantasy Includes Lighting the Set on Fire (Video)

”I’m not very good with endings, so I fear that I’m going to misbehave a little bit at the ending,“ the NBC star told David Letterman

Amy Poehler is closing in on the premiere of the final season of her long-running NBC series “Parks & Recreation.” The star dropped by CBS’s “Late Show” where she revealed her fantasy for how her final day on set might go … or perhaps it’s more her nightmare.

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“I do have these fantasies where I just tell everybody what I really think of them and then hit on the camera department and then light the set on fire,” she admitted; then after a pause adding, “But I think it will be nice.”

David Letterman is able to share with her the experience of stepping away from something that has become a part of their lives for so long, as he is stepping down from “Late Show” next year. He asked her what she might do next in her career.

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“I think I’m going to take a little time and digest this great experience,” Poehler said. “What’s turning me on lately is producing, writing and directing more, so I’m gonna do that.”

Letterman pointed out that everyone loves it when she and Tina Fey work together, and Poehler agreed that they love it, too. With Poehler’s schedule opening up soon, we’re probably going to be seeing future joint projects between the two of them on both the small and big screens.

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“Parks & Recreation’s” final 13-episode season has not yet been put on NBC’s schedule, but it is expected to make its bow during the mid-season.

“Late Show with David Letterman” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on CBS.