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Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn Do Vegas Standup for ‘Snatched’

CinemaCon2017: Women open the 20th Century Fox presentation with mother-daughter shtick

Goldie Hawn’s anticipated return to movies comes this year in the Amy Schumer comedy “Snatched” — and 20th Century Fox used that momentum to open their Thursday CinemaCon presentation.

Hawn and Schumer woke up the convention of American theater exhibitors on its last day with some solid mother-daughter shtick.

Schumer, clad in a high-necked blouse with a black dress layered on top, immediately asked Hawn, “Do I look like a little fat girl on my way to Temple? Be real.”

Hawn admitted: “A little.”

Schumer explained the premise of “Snatched” is a young woman, dumped by a musician, enlists her mother for a South American vacation she’s already paid for.

“I play Emily, who is very beautiful and very thin, but you’re not ‘worried about her’ thin,” she said.

Schumer wrote a bit for Hawn, who has been absent from cinema for a decade-and-a-half, where she was supposed to pretend she’s never heard of the raunchy Comedy Central star.

Hawn would not play ball, and instead gushed over Schumer.

“You are the girl, you are my baby — you can’t come back after 14 years and just do anything,” Hawn told Schumer.

The “Trainwreck” actress also pandered to the CinemaCon crowd by accusing them all of having affairs (“It’s why everyone comes to Vegas, I know the deal”) and telling them who she thinks the market is for “Snatched.”

“A date, bring your kids, really old people? They’ll watch anything,” Schumer said.