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Amy Schumer Hopes Bill Cosby Sketch Affects Those ‘Vilifying the Women Coming Forward’

”We worked so hard trying to figure that scene out,“ ”Trainwreck“ star says

Amy Schumer says she does not care if Bill Cosby sees her sketch parodying the rape allegations against him, but she does hope one group does.

“I guess I do hope people see it who are vilifying the women coming forward just so they can enjoy ‘The Cosby Show’ still,” Schumer told GQ.

“We worked so hard trying to figure that scene out,” she said. “I originally pitched it: ‘What if it’s a support group for women who’ve been raped, and they won’t say who did it, but they’re all wearing Cosby sweaters and eating Jell-O?”

Schumer has no qualms about courting controversy on her Emmy-nominated Comedy Central show “Inside Amy Schumer,” such as the now famous sketch in which 12 men debate her attractiveness in a parody of the classic film “12 Angry Men.”

“I had that idea and all of a sudden I was really excited about the third season,” Schumer said. “It was a scene that I would say I wrote 90 percent on because I don’t want the [show’s other] writers to go home and think of ways to insult me.”

“I worked really fucking hard on it,” she continued. “It got to me after hours and hours, but I was laughing the whole time, thinking about Paul Giamatti saying, ‘Her ass makes me furious.’ It was empowering, to put all those insults about myself out there. I love being in my own skin, and I hope other women start feeling better about themselves and waste less energy being ashamed of their bodies.”

Schumer has plenty of reasons to feel empowered, seeing as her first feature film “Trainwreck” opened to the tune of $30 million this weekend.