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Amy Schumer Shocks Jimmy Fallon With Risque Answer During ‘Truth or Truth’ (Video)

Fallon reminds her that his show’s on at an earlier time now

Amy Schumer and Jimmy Fallon were able to agree that they were both incredibly honest people. But that wasn’t enough. On “The Tonight Show,” they set out to prove which of them was more truthful. And the only way to do that was by playing “Truth or Truth.”

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As expected, the comedians provided both ridiculous questions and even more ridiculous answers. At one point, Schumer even got chastised by Fallon for getting a little too risque with one of her answers. He asked her what she thinks of teeth. After she gave her answer, he reminded her, “We’re on at an earlier time slot now, Amy.”

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We did learn some interesting things about both of them. Fallon’s first words as a baby were, “Y’all don’t know me.” His motto in life is, “You gotta risk it to get the biscuit.” As for Schumer, she wants her tombstone to read, “This was a homicide.”

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