Amy Schumer Shares Her Phone Number for Sexual Assault Victims: ‘I’m Here to Talk’

“We won’t accept this behavior,” the actress-comedian says in Instagram post

Amy Schumer
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

In an effort to show support for sexual assault victims, Amy Schumer posted her phone number on her Instagram page and encouraged anyone who has been abused to give her a call if they need support.

“I just wanted to take a second to say how brave the women coming forward are about the mistreatment they have experienced at the hands of comedians or in any other profession, especially the ones who weren’t of legal age to consent,” she wrote in a statement posted to her Instagram and Twitter pages. “I’m here to talk if anyone needs any support. Reach out and I’ll try to help as best as I can.”

When the number is dialed, a recording of Schumer says, “I won’t be able to answer voice messages, so please text me.”

Schumer’s post comes days after comedian Chris D’Elia was accused of harassing teenage girls and soliciting nude pictures in a series of viral tweets. D’Elia has denied the accusations, telling TMZ that he has “never knowingly pursued any underage women at any point.”

While Schumer did not mention D’Elia by name, she vowed that she would push for accountability in the entertainment industry against those that perpetrate and enable sexual misconduct.

“There are great men out there. And there are men who humiliate and abuse women and girls because of a power dynamic or because when they were that age girls wouldn’t talk to them,” she wrote. “Whatever your reasoning is, or was. We are watching you and we are all together now and we won’t accept this behavior whether you break the law or not.”

Read Schumer’s full message in the tweet below.