‘And Just Like That’: Cynthia Nixon Blames Miranda’s ‘Alcohol Abuse’ on the Pandemic

“We have such a stereotype of what an alcoholic looks like,” the HBO star tells TheWrap while discussing Miranda’s path to AA

Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) in 'And Just Like That' (Photo Credit: Max)
Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) in 'And Just Like That' (Photo Credit: Max)

Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) was full of surprises in the first season of “And Just Like That.” When she wasn’t dismissing her marriage with Steve (David Eigenberg), she was falling head-over-heels for Che (Sara Ramirez). But there is one messy aspect of Miranda’s life that she’s sorted out in Season 2: her alcohol dependency.

“I do think that it was partially a pandemic thing. I think a lot of us found ourselves drinking more than usual during the pandemic,” Nixon told TheWrap. “We have such a stereotype of what an alcoholic looks like — somebody who gets up in the morning and has a drink and who drinks all day. But there’s a lot of functional, not even necessarily alcoholism, but alcohol abuse. Miranda just got to the point where she was like, ‘Wow. I’m drunk ordering things on Amazon that I don’t even remember. And my unconscious self is trying to help my conscious self stop drinking.’”

Miranda’s substance abuse was a recurring theme during Season 1. Early in the season, Charlotte (Kirstin Davis) realized that Miranda’s bag was full of empty mini bottles. Later, Miranda confronted Charlotte, believing that her friend had sent her a book about quitting alcohol when in fact an intoxicated Miranda had ordered it for herself.

But Season 2 shows Miranda actively trying to put those bad habits behind her. After moving to California to be with Che, she attended an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting in the second episode and joined one of its members in a beach cleanup. “It’s like your life doesn’t have to be necessarily completely destroyed by alcohol before you make a decision,” Nixon said

“I thought that was such a great thing to have happen,” Nixon said, referring to Miranda’s AA session. “I think it’s something we don’t acknowledge enough.”

The sequel series to “Sex and the City,” “And Just Like That” takes place 11 years after the movie “Sex and the City 2.” The series follows three of the best friends from the original comedy — Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Nixon) and Charlotte (Davis) — as they navigate dating, relationships and friendships in their 50s rather than their 30s. Season 2 will be composed of 11 episodes, the first two of which premiered on Thursday, June 22.

New episodes of “And Just Like That” premiere on Thursdays on Max.