Anderson Cooper Asks Bunny-Sex-Analogy-Lover Alex Castellanos: ‘Are You High?’ (Video)

Is Ted Cruz like a snowshoe hare, or is Castellanos just feeling the strain of government shutdown reporting?

Pity the poor cable TV news political analysts, for they probably haven’t had much sleep over the past two weeks.

That certainly seems to be the case for CNN’s political analyst contributor Alex Castellanos, who told Anderson Cooper on Tuesday that Ted Cruz’ political strategy was like that of a horny rabbit.

“A friend explained to me today finally what Ted Cruz is doing,” Castellanos told Cooper. “And I finally understand. He’s having bunny sex.”

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“Wow,” Cooper replied, looking at his watch. “This is the late-night edition of ‘360.’”

Castellanos probably should’ve quit while he was behind, but instead he just dug deeper: “In nature, there are boom-and-bust cycles. The snowshoe hare, every 10 years, multiplies sixfold!”

“Are you high? What are you talking about?” Cooper asked.

“I wish I was,” Castellanos said.

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Paul Begala, another CNN contributor, spoke up to say that, as a Catholic, he never talks about sex in public.

“I have no idea what to do with the bunny analogy,” he concluded.

Watch the video: