Anderson Cooper Confronts My Pillow’s Mike Lindell on Unproven Coronavirus Claims: ‘You’re Not a Scientist’ (Video)

The My Pillow founder and CNN anchor got into it over an unproven “miracle” therapeutic touted by Lindell

CNN’s Anderson Cooper didn’t let up on My Pillow founder Mike Lindell in an instantly-viral interview Tuesday during which the CNN anchor hounded him about a “miracle” coronavirus cure he’s promoting with no scientific basis.

Cooper set the scene for viewers, saying, “Lindell recently got a spot on the board of Phoenix Biotechnology as a director. He also has a financial stake in the company that is promoting this product. Phoenix Biotechnology makes Oleandrin.” The therapeutic in question is made with extract from the highly-toxic plant oleander.

The longtime anchor then turned his attention to Lindell: “You don’t have a medical background. You’re not a scientist, yet you’re claiming this substance, which has not been studied in any meaningful way, can cure COVID, and you have a financial stake in the company. You would profit from it, if this is being sold widely. Morally, is that right?”

Lindell responded that after he urged the country to “pray,” he was contacted on Easter by “this guy” who said “he had an answer to the virus,” so he took his new information to the White House’s coronavirus task force. (Lindell is a strong proponent of President Donald Trump’s agenda and has appeared at his rallies.)

Cooper repeatedly called Lindell a “snake oil salesman” and demanded proof of the medicine’s efficacy.

“Where is the study? The only study or report out is that one report from the University of Texas that was a pre-print study, and that was only involving cells in a test tube,” Cooper said.

The interview only became more combative from there as Lindell insisted there were positive human trials but did not cite any specifically. He said “the FDA’s got them,” then said, “You know what? I got my own study.” He went on to cite “about 100” of his family and friends, adding, “This thing works. It’s the miracle of all time.”

Cooper summed up, “You have no medical background, you’re not a scientist. A guy called you in April, said he had this product. You are now on the board and going to make money from the sale of this product.”

Lindell objected, calling that Cooper’s “narrative,” but the anchor went on, “How do you sleep at night?”

He then told Cooper he’d “pray” for him.

Watch above.


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