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Anderson Cooper Thought Seth Meyers Was Gay (Video)

A meeting at the gym turns confusing

Anderson Cooper told Seth Meyers on Monday’s “Late Night” that he used to think he was gay because they worked out at the same gay gym.

“It was pretty much the gayest gym on the planet and I assumed you were gay because there weren’t a lot of other reasons to be there,” Cooper said.

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“Well, it was before you officially came out, so I assumed it was straight because you were there,” said Meyers.

Cooper noted that there were multiple levels of the gym, and Meyers seemed afraid to go downstairs.

“I felt like there was the gay friendly, and then there was gay curious, and then the bottom level was just full gay. Like to get to the bottom level you had to go like behind the candelabra,” Meyers said.

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“There actually was a candelabra,” said Cooper.

He urged Meyers to come out and be the first openly gay late-night host.

“Give it a year. I have to talk to my wife,” said Meyers.

“And by wife, you mean Stefon, don’t you?” asked Cooper, who was among the guests on Meyers and Stefon’s “Saturday Night Live” wedding.

Watch the video:

Setn would never venture below the first level