Gov Cuomo Panned for Announcing Coronavirus Book While Pandemic Is Still Ongoing

“Like if George Bush wrote a self-congratulatory memoir about Hurricane Katrina,” wrote Jacobin’s David Sirota

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New York governor Andrew Cuomo was criticized on social media Tuesday after Crown Publishing announced his forthcoming book, “American Crisis,” which chronicles his response to the coronavirus pandemic. Responses poured in from both sides of the aisle, and they weren’t overwhelmingly positive.

“This is like if George Bush wrote a self-congratulatory memoir about Hurricane Katrina a few weeks after the storm hit,” wrote Jacobin magazine editor David Sirota on Twitter.

“Is it called ‘Nursing Home Death Count?’” asked conservative commentator Dana Loesch, referring to Cuomo’s March order that recovering coronavirus patients be put in nursing homes and barred those homes from requiring incoming patients to be tested.

How the hell is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo releasing a book in October about his pandemic response when NYC is still shut down & he literally turned nursing homes into grandma death factories?????” demanded another conservative commentator, Ashley St. Clair.

Numerous observers pointed out the pandemic is still ongoing and will likely still be when the book drops Oct. 13.

A Tuesday release from Crown described “American Crisis” as a “revealing, behind-the-scenes account of [Cuomo’s] experience leading New York State through the COVID-19 epidemic” and “an important chronicle of this unprecedented moment in history, an urgent assessment of the factors that have and continue to impede our national response to a devastating health and economic catastrophe, and a powerful testament to true leadership in times of extreme crisis.”

A representative for Crown did not immediately return a request for comment.


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