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Andrew Cuomo Ribs Brother Chris On-Air: ‘You’ve Always Been the Meatball of the Family’

The New York governor and CNN anchor get into it over their mom’s special sauce

Last Updated: March 31, 2020 @ 1:52 PM

New York governor Andrew Cuomo and CNN primetime anchor Chris Cuomo continued their brotherly banter on air Monday night, ribbing each other over their mother’s favoritism and more.

The silly “Cuomo Prime Time” segment, which has become a staple in the interviews about the older Cuomo’s management of New York’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, started off with the governor asking, “Where are you?”

“I’m in the process of making a point, is where I am,” answered the anchor. (Editors Note: On Tuesday, Chris Cuomo announced he tested positive for coronavirus.)

“I don’t recognize where you are. Where are you physically? Oh, you’re in your basement! You’re in your basement. I see,” laughed the governor.

The younger Cuomo defended his choice to work from the basement, given the current requirements in New York that people stay at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. From there, he told a long story about some of what he’s done while homebound, including making a special sauce for his family from a recipe that the brothers’ mother passed on to him.

“She taught me how to make the sauce. She didn’t teach anybody else,” gloated the younger brother.

“You’ve always been good at manipulation,” mused Governor Cuomo. “You’ve always been the meatball of the family. Some of us have to work, right? I don’t have the luxury of working for one hour a day.”

The journalist defended his job, saying it is full-time, but admitted the governor has been putting in a lot of hours during the pandemic and is gaining a reputation for comforting people.

To that end, the back-and-forth schtick might have been cloying or contrived from anyone else or during a different portion of American history, but viewers seemed as into it Monday night as ever.

I am so goddamn delighted every time the Cuomo brothers do an interview together – perhaps the only time I’m delighted!” enthused one Twitter user. 

Chris Cuomo and Andrew Cuomo are now my favorite publicly feuding brothers. Sorry Oasis guys,” said another.

Watch the brotherly exchange above.