Andrew Yang Addresses Mic-Cutting Dispute During First Presidential Debate (VIDEO)

“I was only asked two questions over two hours, and that’s … there for everyone to see,” Democratic candidate says on “The View”

Andrew Yang, a Democrat running in the crowded presidential race, appeared on “The View” Monday and discussed, among other things, the disputed conspiracy that his microphone was cut during the first primary debate.

“I was only asked two questions over two hours and that’s, like, there for everyone to see,” he told co-host Meghan McCain, who admitted she was “first really introduced to” the entrepreneur-turned-candidate during the debate and noted NBC has denied the mic-cutting claim.

“I just shared my experience with some supporters after the fact,” continued Yang, who was described by co-host Whoppi Goldberg as having somewhat of a “cult following.”

On Twitter after the NBCU debate, which was the first of the 2020 election season, Yang expanded on the accusation, writing, “I feel bad for those who tuned in to see and support me that I didn’t get more airtime. Will do better (my mic being off unless called on didn’t help) and glad to have another opportunity in July (and afterwards)!”

He stayed true to the forward-thinking message during his “View” sit-down, telling Goldberg, McCain and the other panelists, “We’re just thrilled that I have another debate in July and then also in September and October to keep getting our ideas out to the American people.”

Joy Behar kept the focus on the previous debate, though, asking, “Were you the only one that happened to? Or did somebody else also get screwed out?”

Yang agreed that another candidate had claimed her mic was cut “at various times,” and Behar interjected: “Marianne Williamson?”

“Yeah, I think that’s right,” he said. “I haven’t talked to Marianne about it, though.”

For her part, Williamson also tweeted after the June debate, saying, “the mic issue is not funny and yes it did happen. I tried a couple of times to jump in and my mic was not on. Particularly wanted in on the subject of race.

Williamson’s team did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment. In the meantime, NBC has already denied the claims, telling TheWrap in June, “At no point during the debate was any candidate’s microphone turned off or muted.”

As for the upcoming debate Yang is now purportedly focusing on, a live draw to determine the order qualifying candidates will debate in is scheduled to take place on CNN on July 18.