Angelina Jolie Says Hamas Terrorist Attacks in Israel ‘Cannot Justify the Innocent Lives Lost’ in Gaza

“Palestinian and Israeli lives — and the lives of all people globally — matter equally,” the Oscar winner writes on Instagram

Angelina Jolie attending the U.K. Gala screening of Marvel Studios' "Eternals" in London, England
Angelina Jolie attending the U.K. Gala screening of Marvel Studios' "Eternals" in London (Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie issued a statement about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Saturday.

She wrote on Instagram, “Like millions around the world I have spent the last weeks sick and angry at the terrorist attack in Israel, the death of so many innocent civilians, and wondering how best to help.”

“I too am praying for the immediate, safe return of every hostage, and for the families who carry the unimaginable pain of a murder of a loved one,” she said, but later added that the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel “cannot justify the innocent lives lost” in Gaza.

Jolie continued by writing that the population of Gaza “has nowhere to go, no access to food or water, no possibility of evacuation, and not even the basic human right to cross a border to seek refuge.”

Read the full post in Instagram below:

Jolie, who worked with refugees for two decades as an ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, also said her “focus is on the people displaced by violence in any context.”

Israel told residents of Gaza to move to the south of the strip on Oct. 18. The IDF said a “humanitarian zone” would be set up in Al-Mawasi, 17 miles from Gaza City. Al-Mawasi is a neighborhood inside the Khan Younis refugee camp.

Israeli forces have continued airstrikes in Khan Younis since telling Gazans to evacuate toward the camp.

Jolie also pointed to the paltry amount of humanitarian aid that has been allowed to enter Gaza at the Egyptian border. She wrote, “The few aid trucks that are entering are a fraction of what is needed (and was delivered daily before the conflict), and the bombings are causing desperate new humanitarian needs daily. The denial of aid, fuel and water is collectively punishing a people.”

On Thursday, U.N. World Food Programme executive director Cindy McCain said that strict checks on the trucks attempting to enter at the Rafah border crossing have caused a delay in delivering aid to those who need it the most.

Jolie ended her post with a call to action for her followers, writing, “Anything that can prevent civilian casualties and save lives must be done. Like many others I have donated to medical relief efforts. I have chosen to support the work of Doctors Without Borders and have been closely following their reporting.”

On Friday, Doctors Without Borders (or Médecins Sans Frontières) called for “the unequivocal protection of all medical facilities, staff and civilians across the Gaza Strip.”


4 responses to “Angelina Jolie Says Hamas Terrorist Attacks in Israel ‘Cannot Justify the Innocent Lives Lost’ in Gaza”

  1. Rachelle McChesney Avatar
    Rachelle McChesney

    My heart goes out to all the innocent. Innocent people losing your lives, especially the children. However, everything that’s happening in Gaza right now it’s all a part of the nature of war. It is heartbreaking. But it is part of the nature of war nonetheless. A lot of damage has been done both sides. Gaza did provoke this. Beheading babies; raping women and children, one little girl was raped so many times that her pelvic was broken; a pregnant woman cut open, killed, and then the unborn baby stabbed to death; torture up on torture, videoed for family members to see; the list goes on and on and on. These are crimes that were done against innocent Israelis. Again, what’s happening in Gaza is part of the nature of the reaction of war. It is what it is.

  2. jb Avatar

    another anti semite

  3. Randall Bales Avatar
    Randall Bales

    🔥  #AngelinaJolie What a beautiful statement Angie is making about,  it’s not about the war. It’s about the innocent!!   But it is about the decisions of the leaders. It’s about land, it’s about material wealth. It’s about all the ideas of men. It’s a humanitarian crisis of the innocent. There are so many guilty that’s involved in this against the innocent it’s unimaginable and my heart goes out to those that are innocent and the living that has the deal 😢 with the aftermath of someone else’s choice, (not God’s choice,) but someone else’s choice to end children’s lives sometimes right in front of their parents. Only monsters can do this to children. Yes those people have to be seeked out,  but not at the expense of the innocent, not at the expense of taking back blocks of land. Then we have many like George Soros who are funding the death of many, but why is people like this not being treated like criminals while they’re responsible for his actions also? Because to many politicians get their palms greased by him. While too many children are being mopped up off the ground from bombs exploded men like this purchase.  Let’s route out capitalist communism as the real source problem of wars,  merged together as the real globalist agenda’s causing terror and we will find world 🌎 peace.😢

  4. George Lang Avatar

    Ya see AJ, what u & others don’t seem to understand is, the goal of Hamas & other terrorist countries in the Middle East, is to completely wipe out the state of Israel & every Jew in the world. That’s what they live for every day. It isn’t about the Palestinians, who by the way, put Hamas in power & have done nothing to try & remove them. This has been happening to the Jews for millennia. They MUST wipe Hamas out completely! And, even then, there will still not be peace for the Israelis. Innocents are being killed because the cowardly Hamas terrorists are intermingled with the citizens, using them as human shields. Not the fault of the IDF, but the pussy terrorists. What I find MOST shocking & disturbing is the rampant outpouring of antisemitism around the globe, but especially here in the United States! Too many of the friggin idiots don’t even know what the hell the root of the issue is. Hamas’ HORRIFIC attack on the INNOCENT, private citizens, NOT military targets mind you, but INNOCENT men, women, children & babies should’ve garnered the same reaction from people!! Where is the outrage for them & what happened!? People have been kickin’ Jews around FOREVER!!
    On another note, somebody needs to explain how you can believe that a “god” exists when this is happening & has been since the beginning of “religious” time to his “Chosen People”? Certainly isn’t a very benevolent “god”, now is he? And then there’s allah! How does a “god” allow his followers to just go around murdering innocent people just because they don’t follow his ideology? And don’t say, well they’re the extremists, not all Muslims are like that. No kidding. And yet, they are still allowed to exist! Ya know what’s not funny, but funny? That more bloodshed has been spilled over religion & the taking of another peoples’ land & yet the 6th & 10th Commandments, “Thou shall not kill” & Thou shall not covet”, were allegedly written by “god”. So, now you tell me how that makes any sense. Stop drinkin’ the kool-aid folks when it comes to religion & politics. Look at the big picture & think for yourselves!

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