Angola Movie Financier Rui Costa Reis Explains ‘Phantom’ Flop (Video)

In an exclusive video interview with TheWrap, Angola-born Rui Costa Reis offers his strategy for building a movie production and distribution studio, RCR Media Group

Angola movie producer Rui Costa Reis sat down with TheWrap to discuss his new movie "Phantom," a submarine thriller starring Ed Harris and David Duchovny which opened to just $750,000 in early March.

But he is not daunted. A newcomer to the movie business, Costa Reis explained his strategy for growing an independent movie production and distribution company, as the chairman of RCR Media Group.  Eliad Josephson, to his right, is the CEO. "It was a very good experience since the first day of shooting this movie, and releasing it to the market," he says.

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Video by Rebecca Rosenberg