‘Animal Practice’ Put to Sleep

Broad veterinary comedy drew low numbers

Last Updated: October 18, 2012 @ 11:30 AM

"Animal Practice," a key part of NBC's strategy of unveiling broader comedies this season, is being euthanized.

The low-rated veterinary comedy, starring Justin Kirk and an adorable Capuchin monkey, is the second casualty of the fall TV season after CBS's "Made in Jersey." NBC hyped the show heavily for advertisers and critics as it promoted plans to go for broader sitcoms, rather than the cerebral, narrow comedies that have dominated its Thursday nights.

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Crystal the monkey became a kind of unofficial mascot of the new, broad approach, inviting headlines both amused by the monkey and derisive from of the shift from heady comedies.

"Whitney" will take the place of "Animal Practice," on Nov. 14, which shakes up another night for NBC: "Whitney" was supposed to air alongside "Community" in a Friday night comedy block. It's unclear now whether NBC will find another show to pair with "Community," or find a new slot for the low-rated but critically beloved community college comedy.

Not to be too alarmist, but there is a precedent for NBC shuffling a show to Friday only to cancel it before it aired: It did so with "Southland," which then moved to TNT. NBC previously delayed the planned Friday premiere of "Whitney" and "Community."