Animated ‘Twilight’ TV Series in Development at Lionsgate, ‘John Wick’ Show Under Consideration

Vice Chairman Michael Burns shared the news at the Morgan Stanley media conference

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Lionsgate is bringing at least one, and maybe two, of the studio’s most popular franchises to the small screen. While speaking at the Morgan Stanley media conference, Vice Chairman Michael Burns explained, “We’re going to go out with the ‘Twilight’ series, an animated series, I think there’ll be a lot of interest in that.”

He also said of a potential “John Wick” series, “I think we’ll take one of our great action franchises starring Keanu Reeves, I think it’ll be a television series.”

It’s not clear how far along in development the “Twilight” series is, or how seriously the company is about a new “John Wick” spinoff. Lionsgate representatives declined to comment.

News of a “Twilight” series was leaked in April 2023. At the time, no additional details were available. Deadline reported that author Stephanie Meyer will be involved.

A “John Wick” series would come after the prequel series “The Continental.” Built over three 90-minute episodes, the series was released in October 2023. Burns said of the sequel, “We ended up making a very relatively short-term deal on that show with Peacock and Amazon.”

The “Twilight” franchise, which is comprised of “Twilight” (2008), “New Dawn” (2009), “Eclipse” (2010), “Breaking Dawn – Part 1” (2011), and “Breaking Dawn – Part 2.” The films were massive cultural and financial hits and introduced a cast of largely unknown actors to an audience that enthusiastically loved them.

As Vinny Bruzzese, then-president of the motion picture division for the research firm OTX, told TheWrap in 2010, the movies appealed to an audience that didn’t always get a lot of attention nearly two decades ago—teen girls.

“These are based on archetypal characters, and they have clear messages that resonate with a clear target audience,” Bruzzese said. “It costs more to blow up a helicopter than have two people kiss, but both drive different audiences to the theater. It shows that young females can open a movie.”


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