Ann Curry Comforts David Gregory After ‘Meet the Press’ Boot

The former “Today” host can commiserate with former NBC colleague, sends him positive message

NBC News

A message of hope was sent to booted “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory late Thursday night.

Ann Curry, who can relate to what Gregory is going through after being treated terribly in her short time as co-host on “Today,” sent her support to Gregory on Twitter via a quote from Buddhist leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

“.@DavidGregory Hoping “in place of this turmoil come confidence,integrity+dignity, heroic qualities all human beings…aspire to.”-HHDL,” she tweeted.

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It’s so appropriate that Curry would do so as the New York Daily News reported Friday that NBC won’t allow Gregory to end his run on the show with another episode in fear of another “Ann Curry” moment.

While seemingly harsh on the network’s part (if accurate), it’s also a smart move.

“They know how bad they’ve f–ed him over and they’re scared to death that he will cause an Ann Curry situation, so they’re not letting him go on the air. It’s ridiculous,” the Daily News sources said.

Anyone who watched that moment when Curry tried to keep it together as tears filled her eyes and she expressed her dashed hope that she could have stayed longer knows exactly the kind of moment NBC would like to avoid.

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Like Curry, NBC had very little luck in keeping its unhappiness with Gregory and “Meet the Press’s” ratings from leaking to the media. And then, Thursday the news of his replacement by political director Chuck Todd was confirmed.

So instead of an on-air goodbye, Gregory was able to send his own farewell via Twitter: