‘Annabelle’ Trailer Brings All Your Creepy Doll Nightmares to Life (Video)

The possessed human shaped piece of plastic made her first appearance in “The Conjuring”

For some reason, a giant creepy looking doll seems like a good piece of decoration to the couple at the center of “Annabelle,” and in the first trailer released, they’re about to pay the price for their poor taste in children’s toys.

The James Wan horror, a spinoff of “The Conjuring,” features Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton as the unfortunate owners of the titular doll. After surviving an attack from a satanic cult, the young couple move into a new home. When Annabelle mysteriously shows up in their boxes despite them expressly remembering they threw her out, they decide to keep her anyway.

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This is stupid, even by horror movie standards, as they will soon find out.

Soon, doors are opening and closing on their own, dangerous household appliances are turning on, and a mysterious woman in white is lurking around every corner.  Nothing good comes from dolls.

“Annabelle,” directed by John R. Leonetti, will be released on Oct 3.

For the record: Previous version of this story misidentified the producer of the film. TheWrap regrets the error.