Anne Hathaway Chokes Up Watching ‘The Princess Diaries’ for First Time in 20 Years: ‘I’m a Little Bit Speechless’

“I’m just so proud to be in this movie. I’m really glad that I’m that girl right there,” Hathaway says, pointing to the screen

It’s been 21 years since “The Princess Diaries” hit theaters, and almost that long since the film’s star Anne Hathaway watched the movie herself. So, when she rewatched a piece of it this year, the actress quickly got emotional.

In a new “Scene Selections” video for Vanity Fair, Hathaway went back and rewatched moments from some of her most beloved films, including “The Princess Diaries,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” “The Dark Knight Rises” and more. Naturally, the Gary Marshall film came up first, as it was one of Hathaway’s earliest projects.

She only made it a few seconds into the clip before pausing though, and heaping praise on the “radiant” Julie Andrews, and “magical” Gary Marshall.

“This was the film that changed my life,” Hathaway said. “Like, it’s so weird to watch it, I haven’t seen this movie in maybe 20 years, and it’s a little — I’m a little bit speechless with this one. This is, it’s actually, it’s very emotional to see it.”

Hathaway then recalled some behind-the-scenes moments, as well as a time she and her co-star had to improvise when a prop refused to cooperate. But, as she reflected on the film’s legacy, both in pop culture and in her own life, Hathaway choked up once again.

“I don’t know what to say. It’s like it’s almost too big to — ” Hathaway started, before cutting herself short to fight off tears. “It just, it felt so big at the time, and it wound up being so big, and it’s kind of just gotten bigger as my life has progressed.”

She continued, “So, this is total fusion of life, and work, and all the things, and I’m just so proud to be in this movie. I’m really glad that I’m that girl right there.”

You can watch Hathaway’s full reaction to her past films in the video above.


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