Anne Hathaway Leads ‘Tonight Show’ Audience With Her Primal Scream | Video

The actress enthusiastically greeted Jimmy Fallon’s crowd with high-fives and a major yell

Anne Hathaway’s latest movie, “Eileen,” stars the actress as a psychologist at a boys’ prison in Massachusetts. Hathaway and her costars often filmed “twisted stuff,” she shared, which included an unexpected primal screen from the actress herself. While visiting “The Tonight Show,” Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon asked the entire audience to primal scream with them — and the audience enthusiastically complied.

Fallon introduced the scream when he told Hathaway, “You have a scream that is unbelievable.” The actress asked if he planned to show the scream clip, and the host said yes, but first showed an article that proclaimed 2023 the “year of Anne Hathaway’s primal scream.”

“So, I can explain,” Hathaway said. “I did a film that came out earlier this year in which I play a psychologist — I’m worried about getting typecast — and she has a nervous breakdown and she screams really loud in it. And then in this film, there’s a scream in it, as well.”

“It’s so, so weird that you have two films that come out back-to-back where you play psychologists who scream,” she added. After Fallon asked if she “trained to primal scream,” Hathaway joked, “I’ve been preparing my whole life, Jimmy, to do a primal scream.”

She also described the scream as “fabulous” and “amazing,” then asked the key question: “Have you ever done it?” Fallon admitted, “No, I think I bottled up my primal scream.”

The two then decided to scream together, inviting the audience to join them.

“Eileen” screened at the Sundance Film Festival in January, but wasn’t widely released until Dec. 8. TheWrap described Hathaway’s Rebecca as a “femme fatale heroine out of film noir” and “a blonde bombshell who’s always smarter than the men around her, and one who knows how to hold a cigarette, wield a martini glass and deck a man who tries to make advances.”

Watch Hathaway’s interview with Fallon in the video above.


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