Another Aleppo Moment: Libertarian Gary Johnson Can’t Name a Single Foreign Leader

Foreign policy is maybe not the presidential candidate’s thing

Gary Johnson Aleppo Foreign Leader

Looking for an alternative to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and don’t care a lick about foreign policy? Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is looking more and more like your guy.

Asked during an MSNBC town hall Wednesday to name his favorite foreign leader, Johnson drew a blank. He was also apparently unable to remember the name of any foreign leader.

“I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment,” he said, helpfully reminding us of that time earlier this month when he asked “What is Aleppo?” when asked about the war-torn Syrian city.

Moderator Chris Matthews clarified that Johnson could name anyone — anyone — “any one of the continents, any country… Canada, Mexico, Europe, over there, Asia, South America, Africa — name a foreign leader that you respect.”

(Dude: You could have named a leader from Westeros. He would have taken anything.)

Johnson finally brought up “the former president of Mexico” — even I know this one, it’s Vincente Fox — but he couldn’t think of his name without help.

Johnson’s running mate, William Weld, had no trouble naming a foreign leader he likes: Merkel. That would be German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Okay.

MSNBC helpfully posted the moment on the Twitter box for all two see, and the people of Twittopia (located between “over there” and “Asia” were not impressed. Have a look: