‘Happy Days’ Star Anson Williams Concedes Ojai Mayoral Race After Recount

Williams’ loss was reaffirmed by a margin of 42 votes

Anson Williams Ojai
Anson Williams (photo credit: Kim Barnes)

“Happy Days” star Anson Williams has officially lost his bid for mayor of Ojai, California, by just 42 votes, according to a recount of  the initial election results by Ventura County elections officials.

Williams told The Wrap Wednesday that he was conceding the race in Ojai, 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles, but he would continue to fight for the issues that are important to him.

Incumbent Mayor Betsy Stix received 1,823 votes to 1,781 votes for Williams in the recount — the same numbers the Ventura County Clerk’s office released after the election.

“You will be seeing me and my team at upcoming city council meetings working to finally make real progress on affordable housing, climate initiatives, fire safety, and sustainable tourism despite threats and destructive lawsuits against our city from special interest groups,” Williams said. 

He added: “I have a responsibility to represent the views of the hundreds of citizens who voted for me as well as all citizens who are in favor of a more balanced, united community.”

Williams, 72, who played the role of Potsie on the 1970s and 1980s sitcom “Happy Days,” said he decided to run because he felt the politics of divisiveness and conflict were tearing the town apart. He said he had hopped to “back the spirit of Ojai and protect the community we love.”

He added: “All of the wonderful Ojaians who took their time to cast a vote in this election. Let’s sustain and thrive together.”

Tony Otto, who helped Williams with his campaign, filed for the recount Dec. 8.

Otto told TheWrap at the time:  “It’s just so close. We want a recount for good measure. We also want to observe it, to make sure there are no anomalies.”