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Anthony Cumia on Sirius XM ‘Hypocritical’ Firing: ‘I Wasn’t Being Racist’ (Video)

”I will never apologize for this,“ Cumia said on Fox News’ ”Red Eye“ about the racist Twitter rant that cost him his job. ”If it happened again, I would do the same thing.“

In his first public appearance since his firing by Sirius XM for a racial tirade on Twitter, former “Opie and Anthony Show” host Anthony Cumia showed no remorse as he joined the panel on Fox News’ “Red Eye.”

“People picked it apart,” Cumia said of his since-deleted Twitter tirade against a black woman who allegedly assaulted him in Times Square. “It wasn’t racist.”

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When challenged on that point by co-host Andy Levy, who cited Cumia using words like “animals” and “savages” in his posts, Cumia said it was “misconception.” He said he wasn’t talking about all black people, just the violent ones.

He also pointed out that he’s gone off on similar rants on his radio show for the past decade with no repercussions. “For 10 years at Sirius XM, I had spoken like that, stringing together lines of obscenities in nonsensical fashion,” Cumia said.

He called his firing over social media content “hypocritical,” adding, “No one approached SiriusXM and said, ‘Oh my God, you’ve got to fire him.’ It was such a knee-jerk reaction in this day and age.”

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He called out various website for taking his words and putting them in front of people “who never cared in the first place.”

“I will never apologize for this. I didn’t do anything wrong,” Cumia said. “I go off on tears like this. I curse, I say horrific things about people who piss me off and that’s exactly what I did. Why am I going to apologize and say I am different or I changed? I haven’t. It would be a phony bogus apology. If it happened again, I would do the same thing.”

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